Inspired Water Color Nailart

I spent a weekend playing with different techniques for doing watercolor nailart. I had a lot of fun and came up with some really cool ideas! (If you want to keep up with the various shenanigans I get up to then follow me on SnapChat: LisaRattai) I love the times where I can free-play with products and ideas and not feel like I need to create something spectacular! So while I was playing with my tile and sharpie colors I was multi-tasking and looking up inspiration online as well. I found a post on Instagram by OrlyNailGirls and I fell in love IMG_2161so I recreated it and a client fell in love as well so did the design on her!

I am in love with this set! The technique is so subtle and soft but…ugh…girlie! So delicately perfect! I’m still swooning over these lovelies! Along with the water color I used a detail brush and added a few veins of a soft gold.

This is probably one of my favorite sets that I’ve done in awhile! I want Sharpie to release more and more colors!! Pst…Sharpie are you listening?

Is this something you would rock on your nails? And if you could get Sharpie to create a custom color set what would your colors be?


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