Fuzion UV Gel Suncatchers Review


This product is not new; however it is new to me! I’ve seen these at my lovely supplies for quite awhile but I have never purchased. No real reason for it but I was there and thinking of a specific client and the sort of colors she likes and this popped into my mind! I only purchased two, was not sure how I would like them, but will definitely be buying more of these!

For those of you that have never played with Fuzion UV Gels I highly recommend their products. Their clear builders (Five & 2.5 are favs) and their Extreme Shine top-coat is my holy grail! Along with the basics their Sparklez are gorgeous and…well…sparkly; their Chameleon Color Change Gels (color changing) are also hits with my clientele!

The Suncatchers only change color when they are exposed to UV light, making them extremely fun to apply! Also, if you aren’t a fan of the color changing due to your temperature (like the Chameleons) then you need to try these! They shift incredibly fast, both ways, and I love how sensitive they are to UV. At first I was expecting it to be a slow shift but WOW they shift fast! You won’t really get that ombre’ fade or portions of the gel shifting.

Are you into these shifting & changing colors?



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