Planner Kits & Clear Stamp Haul!


I have been a purchasing fiend on ETSY and a few other stamp shops. So I waited until ALL the orders arrived in my mailbox and decided to do one GIGANTIC haul! Those are always more fun than a whole bunch of mini’s. Plus I lack this thing called patient and wanted to share these all!! So let’s dive in!

The biggest shout out to BeautybyStarlet for introducing me to two of these stamp shops! I had the hardest time choosing which sets to purchase! I love finding new and unique sites to shop at!

IMG_2243Sweet Stamp Shop

I love this shop! I have quite a few of their stamps; I originally discovered this shop thanks to Liz at The Hug Life. I was looking through their newest stamps and I saw these half boxes and just fell in love. They are, which I knew before I purchased, slightly larger than the Plum Paper Design Planner column; I am ok with that. They are just too cute! I want to make them into little stickers and color them…endless possibilities! Half Box Decor

IMG_2242Mama Elephant

This store had me with all of their cute Panda Bear and Bear sets! My youngest daughter LOVES Panda Bears! In fact we call ourselves the Bear Family due to a long childhood story involving my husband. But I digress…I cannot wait to purchase more from this shop! Brush Strokes  ||  Incoming Mail  ||  Bear Hugs

IMG_2244Mommy Lhey

Love! Adorable! Was so hard to pick my purchases and I really did not do the greatest job whittling down my cart but…I got some super adorable stamps so I feel that it all balances, right? These stamps are gorgeous! I got nail polish bottle stamps! I cannot wait to use them to help decorate where I schedule my clients! Shortly after I placed my order I found out that Lhey was releasing inks! I will definitely be making repurchases here! I just…love this store! LOVE! Bunny Script  ||  Doodled Chores  ||  Girl Issues  ||  Planner Girl  ||  Social Babe

I have been wanting to expand on my planner sticker kits but I also wanted to support some local Etsy stores! The Canadian dollar is so weak that the exchange rate and I are currently enemies! It took me a bit but I eventually found a lot of Alberta located Etsy stores that do beautiful kits! I purchased a few and want to hit up a few of the other stores I refrained from (I still have not found that elusive money tree) buying at. Apparently I do have some sort of self restraint! I also purchased something from Australia, seriously the ‘I heart Donuts’ kit was so darn cute that I had to buy! My freedom of choice was stolen from me – so I bought!

IMG_2240The Pretty Little Peony

This kit is adorable! The shipping was not too bad and as a treat I will be buying more from this store! The colors and amount of stickers you get make me happy! And the graphics? Ugh! So darn cute! If you have never checked out this store you need to! I wish I had this set for the other week when it was National Donut Day! Would have been absolutely perfect!  I Heart Donuts Kit

IMG_2247IMG_2246Lets Plan It

A Calgary based shop with stunning and trendy kits! I have a list of at least 5 other kits I want to order from this store! The shipping was fast and perhaps my only complaint is that I’d like the option of glossy kits. I know they are usually more money but for the Diamonds Forever kit I would have loved if it came in glossy. Not a huge issue because these are beautiful but that is my 1 cent critique! Diamonds Forever Kit  ||  May Limited Edition (Lemons!)

IMG_2248The Sticker Genie

You cannot get more local than your own city!  She is currently getting ready to revamp some of her kits and I cannot wait until she releases new ones! I love that I get to support another YEGGER!! This set is so soft and girlie!  Cherry Blossoms Kit


One thought on “Planner Kits & Clear Stamp Haul!

  1. Ahhh…everything looks amazing!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I'll definitely have to check out the Sweet Stamp Shop!! Those half boxes are oh so adorable!!!!! Can't wait to see your layouts!!! Everything looks AMAZING!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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