Nails Inc Paint Can Review

IMG_2253-1If you follow my snaps you know that I purchased this product awhile ago. I tested it a few times despite having a feeling what my end opinion would be. (Spoiler: my opinion did not change.)

Nails Inc London came out with Paint Can. It is a product where instead of using that boring polish brush you use an aerosol can! (Sensing the sarcasm?) I purchased their base/top coat as well, wanted to make sure I followed their steps.

You start off by prepping your nail and then you apply your base/top coat. In regards of base/top coats I was not impressed. It seemed really rough when it dried, not bad for a base but for a top coat it is not ideal. Once it was dry I shook the Paint Can, I held it at roughly the distance they suggested and began spray painting my daughters nails. (Shout out to daughters that are eager to try new products for their Momma.) I then applied the base/top coat, which is when I discovered how bad it is as a top coat. I did one hand with their base/top coat and the other hand with my favorite top coat Essie Good To-Go. You can see in the picture how shiny Essie’s is in comparison to Nails Inc. You are suppose to wait a few minutes until the top coat is dry and then you wash your hands.

Ok…so be prepared for my rant now. If the point is to help minimize the clean up if you are not great at painting your dominate hand this is not the solution! The product sticks to where the base coat is, which is the point, however I found it hard removing some of the paint off my daughters fingers despite there being no base coat. Plus if you struggle with the dominate hand you still have the issue of getting clean margins! It was a lot of work trying to scrub off all the excess. Speaking of excess, talk about a WASTE! Look at all that product that is on her fingers and on the towel below! It is ridiculous! The other issue I had was how messy you get while trying to make sure you get all of the nail plate. You’ll see I totally miss a side of her nails! So frustrating!

I was hoping this would be a super fun product but I was left unimpressed. I doubt this will catch on. Nails Inc has come up with a lot of cool, unique products but this is a fail.

Have you tried this product and would you? Which cool nail invention do you wish would come out? I have one! Remember in the original Total Recall where the secretary could change her polish color with the touch of a stylus? I want that!


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