Shattered Glass Nailart

image1Let me share a little story. I was wondering around Michaels, I tend to do that quite often, and I spotted this shattered glass beside the glitters. I was intrigued! It looked unique and I instantly thought of embedding these beauties into some gel. I grabbed them and carried on my shopping. Some how while I shopped I started to second guess my choice and decided that I didn’t NEED them and I had an order of new nailart supplies and I should wait. I put them back and went on my way. Fast forward a couple of weeks I purchased them. So glad I did!

This product is a bit thicker than I thought. I thought it would be more of a chunkier glitter, it is not. But it still worked, just had to figure it out!

I used a milky base, I wanted a natural look and to keep the shattered glass as the main feature. However…as I was placing the shards I thought that these would look amazing with a black base as well! For next time!


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