The Chrome Trend

IMG_2582If you have missed hearing about this trend you may be living under a rock as it has taken social media by storm! Every nail artist that I follow is talking about this trend, every company is selling ‘their’ version of this trend. It is all over the place and I am no different. Like many when Kandee Johnson posted her nails I knew I needed to get my hands on the product and I did! Like any dog with a bone I did not stop until I found the product! And then I purchased from two different companies! As I am writing this I am waiting on the second product to arrive at my door, which should still happen despite this lockout business with Canada Post.

There is bad and good with this product. The good is when you apply it looks like liquid chrome on your nails. Seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed! The problem arises with top coat. The powder almost seems to lift and you loose some of the mirror look. Makes me sad. I do want to try one other trick to see if it make a difference. I played with it and this is somewhat my first impressions. All of this to say I LOVE the powder! You still get a beautiful mirrored effect the possibilities of play are endless! Using the chrome for lines and designs while the rest of the nail is a different color? LOVE!

Basically be prepared for lots of chrome coming your way! And if you are interested in book an appointment please shoot me an email:

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