June IPSY Glambag


This post kept getting pushed back due to CHROME!!! Which I feel is a totally viable reason for the push to the back of the line! Have you see my Chrome application video? Check it out on my Instagram post here to watch. Prepare to be mesmorized!

Now…onto the Glambag and my thoughts! *Warning: Not a fan of this bag!

Urban Decay Shadow – I am fairly certain I kept neutral when I answered the questions. So…this is not my cup of tea. I am not this adventurous with my shadow choices. But I did gift it to my make up artist friend so at least it went to a good home??

Color Pop Eye Liner – A good eye liner. Fact. Did I need another black liner? No. Ehile I am not into dual chrome eyeshadows I do love a pretty taupe or rose gold eyeliner, which I would have prefered. However, I did get to try this brand out so that is a plus.

Julie G Nail Color – Pass. The color is gorgeous and my girlies are super excited! But I rarely paint my nails. I suppose I could apply over my hard gels…but most likely my girls will use it the most. I

Marc Anthony Beach Spray – Very excited for this. It works! I’ve wanted to try other similar products from other brands so I was excited to get this guy! And probably the only product I was excited for….which is sad since I also could have picked this up from my corner drug store.

Crown Brush 3 Tone Bronzer – Seriously?? I just got one of these in my last bag! There is no color pay off…or there is a small amount but the annoyance of trying to get your brush to JUST pick up the pink is not worth it. Lame. Why are these tossed in so often? Can’t it be every 4th month?

Overall I would say I was disappointed with this Glambag. Tempted to cancel it or maybe try and change up answers to see if that helps? I want more face/skincare products or even hair products. This is the first time I’ve received a hair product and honestly…I could have picked this up no problem. I like the smaller/unique brands.


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