NailHugs Pro Nailart

IMG_1566Awhile ago I had purchased these NailHugs Pro from my local supplier. I loved the floral print and was drawn to the water colored look. I love discovering new brands and hidden nail gems to try and fall in love with.

I have tried water decals and this is my problem with them. Nothing is more infuriating than thinking you have the perfect application to only realize you are missing a teeny tiny spot. This stuff is SOOOO sticky that the rectangle that I’ve cut for the nail usually goes totally on; the extra on the free edge, which I wrap around and then also onto the skin, which I wipe off. It is fool proof for clients and doing on myself!

The extra that goes on my skin I simply break using a tool so when I apply top coat I have clean margins. Once I have top coated the extra wipes right off with no residue to color stain.

I want this product in ever color imaginable! I also would love the ability to customize a print. Shark Week print would have been so cool and I imagine the printer is doing all the work once you have the image. I will be buying oodles of prints with this product!



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