About Moi

LeesaWriting these has got to be the most frustrating and uncomfortable thing to do. How narcissistic is it to explain to you all how amazing and awesome I am? And humble, forgot to mention how very humble I am.

All kidding aside, I’m a bit of everything tossed into a blender. Mother of 2 beautiful girls, they drive me a little nuts at times but they have enriched my life and given me so many blessings. Have been married for over a decade and together for 15 yrs this February.

I’m a certified Nail Tech and I love my job.  Best job next to being a Mom. I specialize in Gels & Shellac. I have a Facebook Page and Instagram Account where you can see some of the nails I’ve done, or giveaways I’m doing along with other goodies for sale.

I’m an uber nerd to some and to others a teensy nerdy, depends on whom you ask.  Big fan of Whedon and all the things he creates. I’m still a bit bummed that Firefly got prematurely canceled; then I remember it was made into a major motion picture and I mock FOX a bit and do my dance of “We’ve done the impossible, and that makes us mighty” dance.

Big book lover and I encourage you all to join me in GoodReads’ Book Challenge.  You can check my progress out in the side bar and if you have an account let me know, would love to friend you and see what you’re reading.

My goals this year is to become more organized and diminish wasteful spending, spend more time doing silly adventures with my girls, work out regularly, enjoy the moments I have with my hubby, take a moment to appreciate the little things and enjoy the journey of life and maybe try to see it through the wonder of a child’s eyes.


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